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Baiyoke Factory is based in Thailand and is a leading source for all your discount wholesale apparel needs. From wholesale Urban street wear to wholesale Retro/vintage clothing, we offer you the best quality Thailand brands in wholesale clothing and wholesale accessories that you can count on for durability.

How are we able to offer superior wholesale quality and brands at such low prices? We have access to thousands upon thousands of Thai wholesale garments at a time at bulk prices and pass the savings along to you. We are your contact for each and every wholesale store located in Baiyoke Tower and neighbouring factories within Bangkok the heart of Thailand. We are the first wholesale company within Thailand, to provide you with the direct wholesale prices.

As an online one stop wholesale shop clothing/accessories store, we can offer you discounted and wholesale bulk rates that you won't find at any other apparel store, that provides the same quality goods.

Our wholesale service offers a great variety of Thai brands and sizes that range from youth extra small all the way to adult XL. Our women's wholesale clothing line is also filled with the best name brands from Thailand which include tank tops, polos, blouses, skirts and much more. Browse through our online wholesale catalog to find what you are looking for - shop online or contact our customer service staff with any questions you may have with regards to wholesale orders!

All the goods found at our site are designed and produced here in Thailand and are not imported from other countries. We are offering Thai wholesale goods that are of exceptional high quality.

Baiyoke factory is specially designed for wholesale orders only and single piece orders will not be accepted. Please understand that Baiyoke factory is partnered with the wholesale factories here in Thailand and not the regular stores. We are specially designed to help companies build, maintain or strive forward in their particular market.

Along with this, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We aim to satisfy and exceed our customers expectations always!